Scientific Departments

Scientific  Departments 
Linguistics and Literical Studies Department 

One of the scientific and research departments in the Center for Basra and Arab Gulf Studies / University of Basra.
Professors and researchers  are specialized in linguistics, literature, and criticism. The research in the department is concerned with linguistic and literary studies in Basra and the Arabian Gulf through ancient and contemporary historical times.
     The department also holds seminars and discussion panels in this field, in addition to celebrating the writers, linguists and intellectuals from the people of Basra and  Arab Gulf, and showing their cultural and literary results. Within the center's annual scientific plan, researchers in this department complete research papers that are valid for publication in refereed scientific journals at the university and outside the university.
     In the department, the Arabic Language Safety Committee follows up ,corrects linguistic errors in research and administrative requests
The department is fully prepared to hold courses to teach Arabic, English and Persian for the center's employees and others

Geographical Studies Department
It is one of the specialized departments in the center for Basra and  Arab Gulf Studies. The department aims to prepare qualified researchers who are able to produce research, analytical and applied studies, and hold scientific symposia and seminars related to the geography of Basra and  Arab Gulf. The department also seeks to advance scientific research in the field of physical and human geography, serve national and regional projects, develop cartographic work skills, serve the environment, and develop the visual and Gulf community.
        The Department of Geographical Studies believes that it should become a “scientific” department with a special imprint to advance the visual community in particular and the Gulf community in general in the fields of research and application regarding the geography of Basra, which is part of the land of Iraq and its connection to the most important site in the contemporary world (the Arab Gulf), and to show the importance of this site strategy in our time.
    The department is a pioneer in natural, human and environmental geographical research and its integration with other sciences, achieving high quality in the research process, employing modern technology and participating in meeting the requirements of society and the labor market in accordance with national and international scientific standards.
The objectives that the department aims to achieve are as follows:
  1-Contribute to the geographical scientific movement through scientific research and research projects.
2-Scientific seminars and periodic seminars dealing with the most important contemporary geographical issues and the problems facing the Basra and Gulf community.
 3-Supporting and serving the visual and Gulf community through consultations and geographical studies.
 4-Develop intellectual awareness that keeps pace with scientific developments in the field of geographical analysis of natural and human phenomena and the interrelationships between them and linking this to contemporary issues and the needs of society.
 5-Enhancing the role of the university in communicating with the public and private sectors in the field of modern geographical and environmental sciences

 Historical Studies Department  

The Department of Historical Studies is one of the oldest departments in the center, as it was opened with the establishment    of the center in 1974. 
. The department aims to study the region of the Arab Gulf in all ages from before Islam to the present time, in order to find appropriate solutions to the problems of the region to ensure peace and spread the spirit of cooperation among the countries of the region. Where the department, through research, seminars and conferences, studies the history of the region from the political, social and economic point of view at various stages. The department also urges interconnection between research centers in Iraq, the Gulf region and Iran and between the Basra and Arab Gulf Studies Center, in order to exchange publications, magazines and books between the region's research centers. Activating the commonalities between the countries of the region helps to provide a suitable environment for peaceful coexistence, and the Department of Historical Studies contributes to shedding light on this lofty goal

Economic Studies Department 
The Department of Economic Studies is characterized by a wide scientific activity, especially since the department's employees have set their sights on achieving the highest level of quality in scientific activity.
The Department of Economic Studies includes   11 researchers   
whose research focuses on economic issues in the Iraqi economy and the Arab Gulf states to ensure the achievement of the center's objectives and to establish quality assurance in research.
The department holds seminars for researchers dealing with the economic issues of the region in Iraq and the Arab Gulf states.

Political Studies Department 
It is one of the departments of the Center for Basra and Arab Gulf Studies / University of Basra. interested in studying, analyzing and developing solutions and proposals for the most important emerging political and strategic issues related to Basra and the Arabian Gulf through writing research, holding seminars, seminars and conferences, as well as scientific and cultural cooperation with government departments and institutions and relevant civil society organizations. Relationship to the specialization and objectives of the department or center, and the research and teaching staff of the department is distinguished by the diversity of scientific disciplines related to political sciences, such as history, political philosophy, contemporary Islamic thought, political media, as well as pure political science.
     Therefore, the  researchers staff of the department had a variety of activities over the past years, whether cultural or scientific.