Establishment of the Center

Center For Basra and Arab Gulf Studies  is a scientific center affiliated with the University of Basra, specializing in studies related to the province of Basra and  Arab Gulf states in their  political, geographic, historical, literical and linguistic aspects
The center was established   in its new form  2012 by merging    three centers for humanities, namely:
Arab Gulf Studies Center 1974.
Center for Iranian Studies 1986 
Basrah Studies Center2004
   into one center called  Center for Basra and Arab Gulf Studies. The center worked in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and now it is working for the system of the centers no.148,for the year 2002


 Basra and Arab Gulf Studies Center is working hard through its active presence in academic and cultural circles by adopting modern information exchange systems. This is derived from the standards of quality and openness affecting all changes and scientific developments in the world today . Strengthening the bonds of cooperation, coordination and joint work with the university’s colleges and centers, universities, scientific institutions and research centers inside Iraq and its regional and international surroundings based on a set of well-established values with a serious and fruitful contribution in the fields of sustainable development for various events and activities in various fields.

Within the framework of the center’s vision, its mission is to provide the appropriate climates that activate the capabilities of distinguished giving among researchers, which rises to the serious and fruitful activation of the scientific research movement to form a major vital tributary that works to support the state institutions and society in the province of Basra, Iraq and the Arab Gulf region. By providing visions and ideas and actively participating in the development of scientific and objective treatments in order to contribute to solving problems.


 1-Active participation in scientific research projects required by the needs of Basra and the Arab Gulf, as well as the universities  vision that there are urgent necessities to delve into its field

 2-Raising the performance level of researchers through training, delegation, and providing all sources, references and requirements for scientific research
3-Expanding the scope of cultural and scientific relations with the corresponding research centers in the Arab Gulf region and the world.  Exchanging experiences and benefiting from experiences

 4-Supporting the strategic plans of the state and contributing to its applications in order to achieve advancement and progress in our society.
 5-Follow up the emerging changes in the region and providing research and studies that deal with various life affairs

6-Participate with exceptional efforts in the process of community development of all kinds